Every fan is important!

Every fan is important!

These two scandinavian gnomes are a Short-Movie-Project with tons of little films about these two guys full of fooling. You can watch the movies free on YouTube or on Facebook (with YouTube link ;)).


Make decisions what the gnomes do next and whats going on in Gnomeland. We are no company and we dont want to make profit, we only want to go to Hollywood, with you. Come with us and join the Academy-Award with all citizens of Gnomeland.


We are no big animation studio with 500+ employees. No, we exactly are two! One for the sound, one for the graphic and together for the ideas! Located in Austria, we would make stuff which the world needs ;) Nils and Eric is a project made by Patrick Kleinfercher and Markus Mussnig, we are the two guys behind the gnomes!


Click here to get all the videos of the series, sorted by the newest to the first video of the Nils and Eric Project


Get the super cool ringtones of Nils and Eric on your smartphone. Here you can download your favorite ringtone in .mp3 / .m4r (iOS) format!


All Pictures of the gnome-developement, the newest events arround the gnomeland and the pictures behind the scenes of the Nils and Eric Project.

Cool Stuff

If you want to become a cool guy, you must click this link. Here you can get the full range of Nils and Eric stuffe like gnome-warmer, shirts, etc...

YouTube Channel

Click to see our official YouTube-Channel, here the tow scnadinavian gnomes communicate with us. If you want to be up-to-date you must be an YouTube-Subsciber ;)


Stay in contact with us, if you have any questions, feedback or you will say hello, click here to use the contactform!

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Feedback, clack and action!

If you leave a comment on a Nils and Eric YouTube videopage you can also see it here! So you can help us with you feedback to make it perfect! Because without you comment, your feedback or your questions we cannot reach our goal to drive to hollywood with the two gnomes.


So please leave a comment, stay in contact via mail or whatever... We are not an company, so every fan can decide and so we can take the Academy-Award with you and all citizens of Gnomeland...

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Klasse im Boot - Drachenboot Schulevent
Radiolino - Grosses Radio fr kleine Ohren

Where you can find the gnomes?

Nils and Eric love to travel. That's why you'll find the gnomes not only in gnomeland but around the globe. Where they stop, you'll find here!